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Welcome to our website!

 Welcome to the website for Sunrise Nation and Relentless guild. Thanks for showing an interest in our nation/guild. 
Relentless is the leading guild of Sunrise Nation. We are lvl 120, control New York, have 17% att and workload 6% def guild buff and are an active, friendly guild excited to continue our growth. We have built a guild that focuses on helping our members get the most from the game, as we know that the stronger the members are, the stronger the guild, and ultimately the nation will be. We have regular GDs and NDs, plenty of guild crafts, and great people!
We lead Sunrise nation by example, so if you wanna join be ready to be active, respectful, and helpful, and have ALOT of fun! 

Our other great guilds in Sunrise were chosen because they exhibit a great personality, strong activity, and a willingness to work as a whole to make an awesome place for us all to play. Any Sunrise guild is a good place to start enjoying the game for the first time, or again . :)

This site serves to let interested people know the rules of the nation/guild, and what we are looking for from our members. It is also a way for me to share information on upcoming events such as ND's, Raids, and contests.  It will also serve as a major bulletin board when nation needs notifications/answers about nation happenings, so keep a watch here for important news.

I am compiling a list of sites and guides to help us all.
As I said before, if any member has a suggestion for content that is missing just let me or Warmonger know.

Note: The forums are only accessible to registered members.

Nation News


MsPonie, Dec 28, 13 9:54 AM.
Happy New Year Sunrise!!
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